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Read about – points of interest – issues that may affect your mortgage or the rates you can get – at First Israel, we are here to help.

7 Unique Aspects of the Israeli Mortgage Market

Many of those looking to secure a mortgage on their property in Israel either currently live or have lived in a foreign country.

While many aspects of the mortgage offerings, requirements and regulations are similar to other Western economies, there are several aspects of the Israeli mortgage landscape that are significantly different and the following […]

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Why Use a Mortgage Broker? (Part 6 of the Israel Mortgage Primer series)

If you’ve read through the first five parts of the Israel Mortgage Primer series, you should have a pretty good idea of what is involved in the mortgage process.

We’ve reviewed what you need to know Before You Apply, the Documentation necessary for a mortgage approval, the various Mortgage Products available from Israeli banks, the […]

Refinancing (Part 5 of an ongoing Israel Mortgage Primer series)

You own your property in Israel.

You have a mortgage which seemed perfect at the time you financed the property, but times have changed. Interest rates may be lower, the variable rates that were attractive at the time you took the mortgage may now be significantly higher,  your financial picture may be different or you […]

Funding Requirements (Part 4 of the Israel Mortgage primer series)

At this point, you have successfully traversed the application process (Before You Apply – Part 1), been approved for a mortgage (Documentation – Part 2) and chosen the mortgage products that best suit your needs (Mortgage Products – Part 3).

In order for the mortgage to actually be funded, the banks have several requirements – […]

Mortgage Products (Part 3 of the Israel Mortgage Primer series)

So, you’ve successfully traversed the application process and have been approved by the bank.

One of the first major issues that you will have to ponder is the question of what product or blend of mortgage products is best suited for your particular situation.

In this article, I’d like to review the main products that are […]

Documentation (Part 2 of the Israel Mortgage Primer series)

In part 1 of this series we discussed when one should apply for a mortgage and the minimum criteria needed to qualify for a mortgage.

See: Before you apply (Part 1 of the Israel Mortgage Primer series).

In this installment, we delve into the documentation that lenders will require for the application process.
What documentation will I […]

Going the Extra Mile: How a First Israel Mortgage Broker Made the Difference

A client came to First Israel Mortgages with the following situation; they purchased a property for a large sum of money two years ago.

They were unable to obtain a mortgage at the time of the purchase, but the seller was willing to extend a ten-year payment plan.

The terms of the plan included onerous interest […]

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Before You Apply for a Mortgage in Israel (Part 1 of the Israel Mortgage Primer series)

So, you’re ready to take the plunge. and…purchase a property in Israel.

You know where you want to buy, how big a property you need and roughly how much it will cost. You also know you will need a mortgage to finance the purchase… and that’s where you start to get nervous.

How much will I […]

From “No” to “Yes”: Getting a Mortgage in Israel with US Trust Income

Helping clients acquire a good mortgage in Israel often feels like solving a mystery.

Dealing with the bureaucratic hurdles from Israeli banks, compliance issues from the Bank of Israel, making sure lawyers and property appraisers are on the same page, there is always a cast of characters involved in the plot.

Our job is to work […]

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Creative Solutions for a Mortgage Down Payment

Getting turned down by multiple banks when seeking a mortgage in Israel can be an incredibly frustrating experience.

We recently had a well-qualified client approach us seeking a mortgage in order to purchase a property here in Israel for 2 million US dollars.

According to Bank of Israel’s regulations, the maximum amount a bank can fund […]

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