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Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest 1421

Monthly Taxes 1421

Monthly HOA 1421

Monthly Insurance 1421

Above is the Mortgage Loan Calculator for Israel from First Israel Mortgage.

There are plenty of options to fill out on the mortgage calculator for Israel to gain a good understanding of how much your mortgage will cost.

These include:

– Purchase price: How much you are paying for the property.

– The mortgage term: How long you will be taking the mortgage for.

– The down payment: How much you are putting down for the property purchase.

– The annual taxes: Arnona – which is a municipal tax in Israel – you pay this regardless of whether you own or rent.

– Interest rate: The interest rate that you are paying on your mortgage.

– Annual insurance: Insurance payment fees.

– Monthly homeowners association fee – known in Israel as Vaad Habayit.

A monthly breakdown of your mortgage

Once all the possible options are filled out, you will be provided with how much your monthly payments will be.

When you have reached this stage, you will be provided with a monthly breakdown showcasing at the top, the monthly payment.

After this, you will find Principal and Interest, followed by the monthly mortgage payment, plus taxes, Vaad Habayit payments, and the monthly insurance.

Please contact First Israel for any questions on the numbers here, or for any mortgage related enquiries, on the form below.

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    To get a full understanding of current mortgage rates, see here. And, if you are looking to get pre-approved, we can do most of the initial questions on this page.

    Frequently Asked Questions on the mortgage loan calculator for Israel

    Mortgage Loan Calculator for Israel

    The estimated monthly mortgage payments are easiest to find by using the mortgage calculator on this page and plugging in the initial mortgage amount, an estimate for the interest rate, and the expected term of the mortgage.

    The other monthly payments, which are also detailed on this calculator, to be concerned about, are annual insurance and monthly homeowners association fee; known in Israel as Vaad Habayit.