How the Israel Mortgage Loan Calculator works

These are the variables one must input into the mortgage calculator in order to gain a good understanding of how much your mortgage will cost per month.

– Loan Amount

How much you are borrowing as a mortgage for the property. You can break this down to the exact amount.

– Interest rate

The interest rate that you are paying on your mortgage. You can break this down to a very specific interest rate.

– The mortgage term

How long you will be taking the mortgage for. This is broken down into months.

10 years: 120 months. 20 years: 240 months. 30 years: 360 months.

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    A monthly breakdown of your mortgage via a calculator

    Israel mortgage loan calculator

    Doing the sums of your monthly mortgage with the Israel mortgage calculator.

    Once all the possible options are filled out on the Israel mortgage calculator, you will be provided with how much your monthly payments will be.

    When you have reached this stage, you will be provided with a monthly breakdown. The title of this section is: Summary.

    This is showcased on the right of the calculator on desktop.

    If you are using the Israel mortgage loan calculator on mobile, the summary will be underneath the calculator options.

    It is also worth noting that all the figures quoted on this mortgage calculator are in Shekels.

    Please contact First Israel for any questions on the numbers here, or for any mortgage related enquiries, on the form above.

    We hope this calculator is useful as you search for the right mortgage. We look forward to hearing from you.


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    Frequently Asked Questions on the mortgage loan calculator for Israel

    See here for some frequently asked questions about the First Israel mortgage loan calculator:

    Mortgage Loan Calculator for Israel

    The estimated monthly mortgage payments are easiest to find by using the mortgage calculator on this page and plugging in the initial mortgage amount, an estimate for the interest rate, and the expected term of the mortgage.

    The other monthly payments, which are also detailed on this calculator, to be concerned about, are annual insurance and monthly homeowners association fee; known in Israel as Vaad Habayit.