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Whether you are looking to take out a new mortgage in Israel or refinance an existing mortgage, First Israel’s team ensures that you are taking out the right mortgage at the lowest rate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions: Mortgage services

    Mortgage Services

    Israeli citizens are able to obtain up to 75% financing on a purchase property (if it is their sole property) and up to 50% financing on an existing property. Non-Israeli citizens are currently limited to 50% financing.

    Obtaining financing for the purchase of a home in some areas of Israel can be difficult. First Israel is proud to be able to provide financing throughout Israel.

    First Israel will objectively analyze your current mortgage, current financial situation, and long term financial goals to determine if a refinance makes sense for you. We believe that homeowners have a right to know their options and we look to empower our clients to take advantage of opportunities in the mortgage market.

    Residential financing for non-Israeli citizens is limited to 50% LTV (loan-to-value) + up to 15% as an unsecured loan (at higher rates). Israeli citizens are able to borrow up to 75% conditional upon it being their only property in Israel. Residential financing products provide for the lowest rates as well as providing for fixed interest rate options.

    Commercial financing allows for up to 70% LTV (loan-to-value). In order to qualify for commercial financing, the property must either be purchased in the name of a company or the primary borrower must qualify as a real estate investor (someone who owns more than three properties). Commercial financing structures, while allowing for greater financing in some instances, have higher rates, shorter terms, and only variable rate structures.


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