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Dani is truly a global mortgage professional. US Born, Israeli raised, Dani entered the mortgage business in New York 15 years ago. He eventually moved back home to pursue the Israeli dream. Aside from assisting borrowers in obtaining great rates and terms he is also the proud father of 4 kids and the veteran Tight End/Offensive Coordinator for the Jerusalem Lions tackle football team. Visit Dani Schecter's page

The biggest mistake when negotiating a purchase on property in Israel – and how you can avoid it

Caution: Know this before negotiating on property being purchased second-hand, while still under construction by a developer, in Israel.

You might think real estate mortgages in Israel is a boring topic, but actually, every day is an adventure.

We recently did damage control on a case where countless hours of negotiations, paperwork, lawyers fees, appraisal fees, […]

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The bank is changing my interest rate?!

This is one of those stories that seems to repeat itself time and time again…

Mr. Cohen, a former colleague of mine at First Meridian Mortgage in New York, had waited a long time to be able to purchase a property in Israel. He and his family have been coming to Israel a few times […]

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